About Ana and Karuna

Karuna and Ana have more than 50 years combined teaching experience in meditation, chanting, Hawaiian culture, nondual philosophy and spiritual growth. 

They interweave experiential knowledge to offer modern applications of ancient–yet evolving–wisdom.

KUMU ANA’S mission is simple:
“I want you to love your life, your choices. I want you to claim your divinity as the truth of who you are within a dream that asks to be fulfilled on Earth.

The Earth needs your gifts manifested as part of its divine plan. You are loved, you are needed. You are being summoned by Source to fall in love with life.”

Kumu Ana supports your journey and assists in dialing into your own channel and being a constant source of Source for yourself and those you touch everyday.

For Ana, hula is a spiritual path with all the elements necessary to fulfill human spirit. Beauty, connections to seen and unseen; love and connection to nature; engagement of the senses. Hula demands discipline and commitment, respect. It exposes weakness and builds strength.

The objective of hula as a spiritual path is to transmit the beauty and truth of the hula, oli and mele as a gift to those dancing and receiving. For that time, we’re transported to another realm.

Kumu Ana’s hula roots go back generations: Her great grandparents and grandfather, uncles and aunties, were entertainers in Hawai`i and the continental U.S. Her grandfather had a Hawaiian revue and taught Hawaiian music at the conservatory level.

Kumu Ana began serious study of hula in her 20s which led her to dance on the continent and later train with her ohana in South Kona. She graduated as a kumu in 2007 and built a halau (cultural studio) on her property two years later.

We live in spiritually exciting and historic times. Hula provides the stabilization and mastery required to anchor ourselves, our ohana and community as we navigate powerful changes ahead, she shares.

While working for a U.S. Senator early in her career, Karuna saw the futility within a “mind vs. mind” approach to solve personal and world problems. From that time onward, she pursued in-depth study of nondual philosophy with the world’s finest scholars and kundalini meditation masters.

At her own yoga studio in Hawaii, Karuna taught Direct Path meditation, philosophy, mantras and yoga to individuals and groups for more than 10 years. Recently named a 2020 Wellbeing Mentor for the Irish Spa Association, Karuna has given workplace wellbeing trainings in the UK and Ireland where venues include London’s Sky Garden, Soho Farmhouse, MediaCity UK, Daylesford Farm and The Berkeley Hotel. She was a 2018 Wellbeing Expert with Aromatherapy Associates, London, UK.

Karuna’s approach is nondual and direct: She focuses on the emerging consciousness and treats the ego as relevant yet relative.

Her passion is inspiring others to reconnect to their greater nature through self inquiry.

Karuna’s YouTube Channel is at the forefront of exploring how childhood adversity furthers spiritual growth. 

In private sessions, she reads subtle energy flows so clients better understand how early trauma furthers spiritual growth. She is a generous and heart-centered mentor for all who envision trauma as a fuel for transformation.

Karuna’s client base includes professionals, artists and students in Dubai, Europe, Canada and the U.S. She has undergraduate and graduate degrees. She is not a licensed therapist. Karuna shares from deeply personal experience and years of study, teaching and self inquiry.